Sony mdrzx100/blk zx headphones are the best ? Checkout this review to know why i did not choose them!!

Sony mdrzx100/blk zx reviewed, in this post i will show you how to choose the best headphones in any category

I needed to know when i searched on Amazon and write “Headphones” i will get the best results, i tried and got this headphone as the first results, so i gave myself the chance to compare between similar headphones like the one that are in the list below:

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Check them if you want, i just wanted to show how to find similar headphones that Amazon lists, and this criteria is bases on sales only, you can be a fan of Sony to buy another one, you got my point ? I just wanted to show you that you cannot make the right decision when buying from Amazon specially if you have no any experience about the product your are tending to buy. Actually today i found another option in Amazon and this was the first time to see that, and here is a snapshot of what i saw :Similar Items with Better Ratings Sony MDRZX100/BLK ZX Click on that link to see it yourself :Similar Items with Better Ratings And guess what for the list of suggested headphones in this snapshot when i checked them i saw Here are the 3 snapshots again

JVC HAS160B FLATS Lightweight Headband Headphones (Black)

JVC HAS160B FLATS Lightweight Headband Headphones (Black)

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Stereo Headphones

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Stereo Headphones

Panasonic RP-HTX7 Stereo Headphones (Black)

Panasonic RP-HTX7 Stereo Headphones (Black) I hope you realized what happened into Amazon, it helps you and me finding the best choice now, isn’t it ? Actually my budget was below 20 dollars so i decided to go for the JVC HAS160B If you like to check the other two headphones, it’s up to you, i will probably review them lately specially that i listed to the Panasonic RP-HTF600-S but the 40 mm; Panasonic RPHT360 one as this is a 50 mm driver headphone when i was in France from 2 years ago, they sound very good and when i checked them now on Amazon they are with a decent price of 21 dollars, put into consideration of shipping, so i will review it later also and i will go on with the JVC HAS160B review in that post. But before going into the review i would like to share what i found about the cons of Sony mdrzx100/blk zx headphones

For the easily amused and less than casual listener of music via headphone, this headphone may serve some purpose, however, to the experienced ear this headphone set will insult your ears. I love Sony headphones, I had a pair of V900HD’s (which inadvertently broke), and I suppose I became relatively spoiled with the sound they were capable of producing. For the price, these headphones are decent but, for Sony, these headphones are a joke. Notes are always left out with these headphones (especially low bass notes). If you are on a tight budget, buy em! If you’re looking for good headphones please do some more research and buy a pair of quality headphones. Sony offers a wide range of quality headphones as long as one is willing to pay the price.(hide) Source: CNET

First thing i looked at is the Amazon Star rating, which was Excellent 4.5 out of 5 is better than the two other alternatives mentioned above.

Let us check the specifications of the JVC HAS160B here:

Color matched to top 6 iPod nano 5G models

  • Lightweight flat foldable design
  • 3.94-ft cord with gold-plated iPhone-compatible slim plug
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB/1mW
  • Max input: 200mW

My take on quality and build

I checked a lot of reviews and the Summary for the price these are an excellent set of headphones. The sound quality for this price point can not be beat save for maybe the Koss KSC-75. Compared to its natural competitor the Sony mdr-zx100, these headphones blow those away in sound quality. The highs and mids are very clear, it is not veiled like the mdr-zx100.The bass is good and has a bit of punch but it is still crisp. Obviously at this price point you are not getting complete audiophile quality, but these headphones are excellent for the price. The headband is made of metal with a rubber coating on it, so I feel that they are fairly durable. They are extremely portable given their size and weight. Perhaps the one drawback is that if you are looking for an on ear headphone that blocks out a lot of the surrounding noise, these might not be the best bet. The Sony mdr-zx100 or the JVC riptidz both are a bit larger and cover the ear better. Besides that on slight drawback these are excellent headphones at the price and I highly recommend them.

Other customers Reviews:

Finally some good headphones…. thank you JVC!! June 16, 2011

I usually buy the vertical in the ear headphone models made by Sony… I like them because they are light and the better models usually sound good. The last ones I bought broke last week, one of the earphones gave out, and I immediately looked them up online to see if they are still being sold and I couldn’t find them. So, with dread in my heart, I began searching for a cheap replacement set. I considered the sony WO8L but then I remembered them as not sounding so good. After reading a lot of great reviews I ordered the panasonic RPH21. These did not sound good to my ears at all and were quite uncomfortable. I was starting to get discouraged because in my experience, with the exception of the vertical sonys, most headphone to me don’t sound very good. I remember the first time I heard the Sennheiser PX100’s which are very well reviewed relatively low cost headphones and being unimpressed with the sound presentation.

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Finaly i hope that this review was informative and helpful, by the way the headphones are heavily discounted now, check them on Amazon to see the discount amount through this link