Monitoring Headphones with that price ? Finally the Headphone that i needed is in front of my eyes! A quick review of Sennheiser HD 380 Pro headphone.

Sennheiser HD 380 Pro reviewed, a completely new headphone from Sennheiser that most of customer said that it is better than its predecessor the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro


Sennheiser HD 380 Pro
Sennheiser HD 380 Pro

Sennheiser made great improvements for the famous and well know headphone, the HD 280.

First, the construction and design, the 380 was completely changed in design, the ear pads now are around the ear, sits on an angle to the headband, i remember using the HD 280 from 1 year ago that it was not covering completely my ears, which the HD 380 does.

In this Sennheiser HD 380 review we will emphasis on other professionals advise, people that have used similar headphones to be able to give you the complete view with comparison between the Sennheiser HD 380 headphone and other similar headphones.

A friend of mine bought it and advised that it is comparable to the well known ATH-M50 , indeed Sennheiser HD 380 Pro has a punchy bass compared to the Audio Tehcnica which has a flabby bass which annoyed him.

Without a doubt the Sennheiser HD 380 have a biased bass response with an overall balanced sound, their mids are nicely weighted with a solid enough presence for guitars, drums and vocal which represents the full spectrum of mids and give them enough texture without being harsh like the HD280 , in his opinion the  ATH-M50 lacks in mids and they make music a bit thin and weak.

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 Sennheiser HD 380 Pro features:

  • Extended frequency response for accurate, reliable sound reproduction.
  • Increased sound pressure level (110db) to handle demanding use.
  • Exceptional comfort for extended listening.
  • Carrying case included for engineers on the go.
  • Easily replaceable parts for long service life.

 Sennheiser HD 380 customer reviews:

Stellar Improvements for an Already Amazing Headphone Series by Travis James

I’ve been a huge fan and user of Sennheiser headphones for the last three years, and have had many of their headphones (HD200, HD201, HD215, HD280, EH150, CX300 – All still work fantastically, I’ve just been expanding my collection) as well as a few other brands and models (Sony MDR V700, Pioneer HDJ1000). That being said, I will be reviewing the 380s and how they compare to the HD280s.

First, the construction and design – the 380s have been entirely reworked from the previous 280 design. The ear-pads now sit at an angle to the headband, meaning that they cover the ears completely while still allowing the band to sit comfortably on one’s head. Additionally, while they do sit tightly on the ears, there is less of a “vice grip” effect that was heavily criticized for the 280s. Another improvement is that now, while the ear-cushions sit around one’s ears, the actual pad on the inside of the cup does not touch one’s ear. This arrangement is much more agreeable than the 280s, where the ear-pad was in constant contact. Also, the swivel on the 280s has been reversed in direction. While this is a bit strange, there is still enough give in the cups to allow one ear monitoring (as a DJ, this is invaluable). Just out of curiosity, I compared the noise cancellation to both the Sony MDR-NC7s and the Bose Triports – they were just as good as either of these models (although the Triports leather is much more comfortable). Finally, while they are a bit heavier than other full headsets (7.7 oz), they do not feel as heavy as they should. In fact, they feel much lighter than the 280s (7.8 oz), perhaps because of the new design.


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Good upgrade from the HD 280 Pro by Dominick

I am going to compare this model to the HD 280 Pro, which I have owned for several years.

My pair of HD 280 Pro’s were getting a bit beat up from wear, so I decided to try this updated version. Compared to the 280, these are a more sleeker design, and appear to be better to handle frequent use. The 280 will eventually have cracks in the plastic headband – easily repaired with super glue, and may eventually need taping to hold the parts in place, but this is only a cosmetic flaw. Also, the pads will not fall apart like most Sony and cheaper headphones. The 380 has no parts in the headband to easily break or come lose, so durability is improved. The 380 also comes with a carrying case, that provides a tight fit for getting the coiled cord inside. The 380 is also lighter and requires a little less power from a flash drive player than the 280.

One reason I bought these was because they were advertised to surround the ear, whereas the 280 would rest on my ears (but not uncomfortably so). The 380 does surround the ear and the band provides a tight and fairly comfortable fit for long listening times. Surprisingly, I found that the 280 had a slightly better ability to block the sound of an air cleaner fan in my listening room, otherwise, both models provide good isolation for you and outsiders.

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Sennheiser HD 380 Pro Pros: Build quality, good sound – even unamped, moderate portability, isolation

Sennheiser HD 380 Pro Cons: Coiled cable, not the premier choice for a portable walk on the street headphone

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I hope that Sennheiser HD 380 Pro review was informative, thanks to leave your comments and experience with these headphones.