JBuds J6 Reviewed ,are the JBuds J6 earbuds the best choice for me?

Are the JBuds J6 earbuds the best choice for me?

Koss RUK30 ReviewI checked Amazon for new ear buds first and i choosed first to check the reviews of the JBuds J6 earbuds , i own now the AKG K309  that i bought from France when i traveled there, very reasonable price and a high quality sound, to know more about it checkout our detailed review at our other site here.

I prefer to search in forums, actually more experienced people talk about their concerns, share their knowledge and experience in such an interactive way that definitively will improve anyone’s choice when looking for something to buy or any knowledge generally.

First i asked a question as a post in the forum asking people would that be my, ultimate choice ? Is the JBuds J6 earbuds the best choice for under 50$ budget? The answer was no …..

I cannot deny that one of my concerns was that the warranty period that offers JBuds is not the longest in the market, someone advised and recommended to have have a look on the Koss RUK30.

So i decided to have a look on it at Amazon first. Knowing first that Koss is a famous brand in headphones generally with their 25 years old Koss PortaPro model that i had the chance when i was in France to test it in the store, and i could not believe that such a good priced headphone can deliver such quality sound and specially bass.

The Koss RUK 30K Noise Isolating In-Ear Stereophone comes with lifetime warranty which was a a good advantage for me as still earbuds are used outdoors and they can easily be broken. Koss RUK has a plus that it was even cheaper than the JBuds J6.

First thing came into my mind to read the negative reviews about the , i found two of them speaking about that there was no any bass and another one that they where not working, Amazon allows a replacement in case of deficiency. So these where no actual reason to let me disregard that coice.

The Koss RUK are characterized by a wide frequency range and a powerful bass response  and comes with a tangle resistant cable. Four colors, red, Blue , Black and Silver.

Checked out some reviews on Amazon , take your time reading:

They sound amazing, but…as with anything designed to interface with the human body, there’s always the chance that things won’t fit quite right. Such is the case with these. I’m a huge Koss fan and was really looking forward to using these. They are nearly perfect and they sound amazing. Unfortunately, none of the earbuds included gave me the secure fit I was looking for.Your mileage may vary (as everyone’s ears are different) so this feedback is merely intended as a “take note” not a “don’t buy”. Like I said, these sound amazing. Ah-MAY-zing.

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Awesome Earbuds, Great Replacement for KE29 Line The way I found out about Koss was through a friend of mine who let me try his pair of earbuds for some new music he’d found and was raving about. While listening to his new underground rap, I quickly found out two things: 1) I really don’t like rap, and 2) Those earbuds had the best bass I’d ever heard out of an in-ear headphone. When I asked him what they were called, he said he didn’t know and told me to look online. So I did, and I found out that they were Koss’s KE29 line of earbuds. After listening to some more bass heavy songs of my own with his buds, I knew I needed a pair for myself, so I ordered some. The earbuds had a really awkward design that guaranteed them to break in a few months,

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Absolutely Astounding!

First I have to say I’ve never been disappointed with KOSS brand headphones. I also like their limited lifetime warranty; they repaired a pair of headphones that are a model they don’t even offer for sale anymore. As for these earbuds, I usually don’t use earbuds for two reasons: 1) They’re typically uncomfortable to wear and 2) they don’t offer much bass. However in the case of the RUK30 neither of those factors are an issue. They’re are quite comfortable and include multiple caps to allow for a more custom and comfortable fit depending on the user’s preference. As for the bass, it’s incredible! There’s no distortion unless the bass is cranked to unreasonable amounts so you get plenty of rich bass tones. Bottom line these earbuds are a great value. I also like the flat style cables versus the thin cords that most earbuds have which get tangled easily. These don’t get tangled, they are also coated with a soft-silicone rubber which makes them feel more durable. I like the bolt style on the ends of these earbuds too, in fact that was the first thing that caught my eye with the RUK30 model.

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I hope that review for JBuds J6 was informative, please leave your comments and advise