Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier Review

Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier Review, it works like a charm…

Fiio E6
Fiio E6

Fiio E6 headphone amplifier is a portable amplifier that most people use to improve the sound quality of their CD, mp3, IPod etc. players. You can also control the volume of music you are listening to. This amplifier is an upgrade for the former E5 Headphone amplifier model.

Fiio E6 not only includes the same features and advantage that E5 Headphone amplifier has, but succeeded the improve the sound quality and more features keeping the same compact size that you can easily put in your pocket and do not disturb you when sitting or doing activities.

With a build in volume control feature, the Fiio E6 headphone amplifier can improve the sound quality when used with audio sources. Unlike the E5, the E6 has a better sound quality with better performance with higher impedance headphone drivers that usually are used in professional or semiprofessional headphones.

One of the Fiio E6 headphone features is a three equalizer profiles, with flat preset and two other bass boost presets that offers to the listener more flexibility to use it with different kinds of headphones that most of music lovers like to own and test for fine tuning like me.

One of the key features is the robust design that can withstand falls and other physical impacts. Outdoor enthusiasts for home listeners can enjoy music with the aid of this amplifier; it’s easy to carry.

It suppresses the distortion and has a higher signal to noise ratio love. The built in rechargeable battery can make you enjoy music for a full 1o hours of usage, the mini USB charger port can make your life easier specially in urban situations where an AC power source is not available.

You can easily use during activity as it can easily fit to clothing, thanks to the replaceable clip.

Great Value

This headphone provides a great value for the price of 20$ that provides amazon; it made a real difference in sound quality. The headphone looks weak but it withstands falls. The three equalizer setting can allow me to enjoy almost all kinds of music.


This headphone amplifier is of a size that is small enough to think that this is anything but not an amplifier. On the other side the Fiio E6 delivers. I use them with the famous Sennheiser HD598s , I cannot describe the joy that I feel  when I put this headphone on my head, it feels like the heavens opened and sang. The Fiio E6 has the potential to fully drive high quality headphones that many portable or laptops fails to do. I do not recommend to use this amplifier when charging its battery.

Exactly what I wanted

I usually use this headphone amplifier as a volume control device rather than use it’s equalizer setting, I plug it to my TV to give a powerful boost in sound volume, I recommend to use it with laptops as they are known to deliver poor sound volume. The volume control is done in a precise way.  Fiio E6 is affected by interference.

 Too much added noise if used with my laptop but decent with iPod Touch

When used with my laptop it generates a hissing sound but I confirm that it is perfect when used with my IPod Touch. When used with my Audio-Technica MS50S , I hear a sound improvement with crisper highs and a punchy clear bass.

For the Money, and the Size…..You CAN’T beat this little mini monster

Amazing value,  more clarity, volume, depth , vocals, imaging, I can say that everything was better when used with my UE 350’s, so I’m still waiting for my Velodyne VPulses to test and compare.

OK, but limited

I usually use this headphone amplifier with an Apple Nano player and a Phillips neck bank headphone with a 1/8” plug. The built in battery lasts for full 8 hours. Check more about this limitation through this link.

Fiio E6 Features

  • Output power:150mW (16? Loaded);16mW (300? Loaded)
  • SNR: >95dB(A weight)
  • Distortion:<0.009%(10mW)
  • Frequency response:10Hz~100KHz
  • USB power supply port:DC 5V/500mA


  • Super value  discovered after I bought them, could be used as an example for this concept.
  • Sounds really, good on most equalizer settings.
  • Easy to use, can operate blind or total darkness.
  • Small, light.
  • Multiple settings, for multiple headphone/earphones.
  • Looks cool. People go ‘hey what’s that?’


  • Battery life not more than a couple of hours before you notice decrease in sound quality.
  • Feels cheaper and not as sturdy as the E5. Very much so.
  • Looks cool. People go ‘hey what’s that?’ right at the good part.
  • Bass boost not so good on my gear.
  • Adds a fair amount of complexity to your iPod/headphone rig, especially with a Line Out Dock attached, but this will be true of all amplifiers.

 Customer reviews for Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier:

Won’t listen without it again

By Sendji “I absolutely love this little sonic wonder! I am new to headphone amps. I just recently purchased a Grado SR80i headphone set, and noticed the Fiio E5 was listed as something people purchased with several of the headphones I was researching. So, I started to research the Fiio E5 and found out it was just recently upgraded to the E6. Once I saw the price of the E6 and that it was a new version of the E5 I had to purchase it with my Grados. There are several things that make the E6 better than the E5, that I learned from researching them. Most notably the sound. The E6 is also shielded better from interference from cell phones and wi-fi(which may be why Fiio chose a plastic casing for the E6). The E6 has, along with the regular setting, 3 more EQ options. Also, the E6 has a hold switch and the volume button isn’t in the way of one of the input/output ports like on the E5. The clip is also removable so you can bundle the amp with your portable player if you wish.”

Distortion on lower frequencies at max power

By Georgiy Chigrichenko
Using higher impedance (750 Ohms) headphones I get a lower frequencies distortion in it’s worst. Nice design, sleek, light and compact. Battery lasts for at least 2 hours of continuous use. Recommend this one as per specifications for usage with headphones with up to 150 Ohms of impedance. Click here to continue the review

I hope that this Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier review was informative, thanks to leave you comments and thoughts below.