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Bass Effect Audio IV headphone super bass Review, super bass means vibrations in your head !!

Bass Effect Audio IV headphone super bass


I was really impressed about the 4.8 over 5 stars rating for this headphone on Amazon, and shocked by it’s price too.
Definitively this headphone is one the best headphones when we talk about quality. You can used it for any purpose, they will serve you well and give you a lot of satisfaction and joy.

Bass Effect Audio IV headphone super bass1
So here is what you need to know about this headphone, they are like professional headphones in quality. From its name i deduced that they are specialized in heavy bass (for Bass Lovers). It provides quality bass that does not get muddled, very accurate low frequency response, turn up the volume and there will not be any dis torsion and you will feel the power of this headphone on your ears.

Currently there is no discounts on Amazon for this headphone,  although it has a low price compared to other headphones, check it out through this link

The Sound

The mids and highs are precise and articulate, equaly distributed. Of course the  bass is higher and is dominating, but the highs and mids are not affected by this and you can clearly listen to bass. If i could advise someone that needs to boost the bass without a drawback in highs and mids and for a price below 30 bucks i would definitively recommend this headphone.
The sound stage or frequency response is high, i could not believe that for that price. I have other headphones like Bose, Sennheiser, beats) and the Bass Effect Audio IV headphone super bass has the same sound stage.



Comfort is one of the few cons that this headphone has. My ears tend to stick our a little bit more than the average compared to other headphones, and i found that the headphone ear pieces were not able to rotate in a full motion range around the angle that my ears stick out of my head.

Bass Effect Audio IV headphone super bass


The ear cushions are very firm and can cause discomfort for continues usage of  about 2 hours approx. If your ears are sticking out, you may want to avoid this headphone, or hear them backwards on your head for more comfort.
The headband is slightly tight on your head. The right ear cup rotation was looser than the one at the left, i think this is intended by the manufacturer to avoid the effect of cord whiplash on the face on the left side.

I was fascinated how their customer service is so helpful. I received a headphone that had an issue with the microphone button, i mailed the vendor and within 1 day the Bass Effect got the new replacement headphone shipped out. After four working days the pairs arrived with a fully working condition, i was very happy , thanks Bass Effect.


I rate this headphone with 9/10.  The sound quality makes me forget that pain that can cause these cans when used for prolonged periods of time. If the manufacturer Bass Effect could fix this comfort error in a later model, this headphone would be number one for me for a pair under 30 dollars.
This headphone is definitely worth every penny i paid and is highly recommended.

Amazon if providing best prices for the Bass Effect Audio IV headphone super bass, click on this link for further details and specifications on Amazon

The good thing is that they are light and can be used with mobile devices, Ipod or Android devices. For people that prefer to listen to flat response, this headphone might not satisfy their needs and pleasure, specially classic music lovers.