Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro review, Custom Headphone ! Did you heared that before?

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, the first custom headphone i heard about , did you ?

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro review

I had a friend who told me that he needs a specific headphone that includes both capabilities, to be a noise cancelling or noise isolating headphone and a quality headphone that delivers quality sound

He owns already two great headphones, Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B and Bose Qc 15 , the first one is an old model that still until these days performs perfectly when we talk about noise cancelling capability.

The second one adds up of course to it’s exceptional noise cancelling capability the well known sound quality that is better than the first one, he bought it as an upgrade after 1 year of search and hesitation.

After a while, do not remember, a month , two or more i just saw the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, first thing came to my head my friend who already bought the Bose headphone, me as a previous customer for Beyerdynamic brand, i already own the Beyerdynamic DT 900 pro 250 ohm, that i got from Amazon with an amazing price, i’ve already knew what is the meaning of sound quality.

My friend has a take on the Beyerdynamic DT 900 pro, it was an opened headphone and he likes to listen to his favorite music in a quite environment using the sound cancelling capability.

The design and material

  • It has a customer sound slider that can be used in three positions that transform the headphone form open to closed to semi open.
  • New customizable look in almost everything like ear pads , cable, you name it.
  • A new driver that has a resistance of 16 Ohms, suitable for use with mobile devices like mp3 players and smartphones.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Finally the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro is  Made in Germany like almost all Beyerdynamic headphones.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro real customer reviews:

by DanTheMan

I have a to change all my prior headphone review because of this one. Check out the measurements at headphone dot com, golden ears, and inner fidelity. This is bar none the most neutral headphone set I’ve ever used–just a bit better than the Shure SRH840. Goes well with your PMP/iPod as well. Utterly no need for an amp. Bass is DEEP and balanced in the “2” or “3” position. For someone using these in the studio, they have good isolation and will minimize bleed for tracking in the “1” position. Very cool features!! “4” is essentially for someone who wants a pair of beats by Dr. Dre I think. Useless to me, but I can understand that people like a ton off bass or whatever. These will do it.

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By 7un4
I got these headphones yesterday with very little burn in and these headphones do deliver very agile sound. It’s also great that these come with a removable cable that makes it easier to replace a broken cable. With their adjustable sound switch on both sides of the headphones, you can hear what a song would sound like when played through a flat sounding headphone(Sennheiser HD600), a fun sounding headphone(Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro with slightly more bass impact and texture), and everything in between (Grado Sr225i).
This review is long and i truncated it , to follow up with the whole review click this link
By HeadhunterJohnny
These headphones are great!! Very well made and surprisingly lightweight and comfortable! Excellent clarity and I heard all these sounds I have never heard before in songs that I have listened to hundreds of times. The mids are very clear and the highs are great and not annoying. The bass… Very tight and clean. I’ve ran the bass testers on YouTube and blasted the volume and ZERO distortion! I did the same on the Bose QC3 and it sounded like a bad fart on the distortion. The adjustable bass is great because there are days I just want that deep thumping surrounding my head and sometimes I want it toned down a little to appreciate the lows and highs more. I normally put it on the 2nd or 3rd position. The 1st is a little too light and the 4th is too much for me on most of the music I listen to.
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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro and DT990 PRO freqency response comparaison
Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro and DT990 PRO freqency response comparaison from

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro PROS

  • Clear detail
  • Excellent timbre reproduction
  • Wide stereo image
  • Bass control
  • Customizable exterior

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro CONS

  •     Soft approach occasionally lacks excitement
  •     Slightly lean in upper treble

The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphone is ideal for people who want have a small budget and do not want to compromise quality with sound isolation, the sound quality is excellent, this model will be proudly the first in the concept of Headphone 2.0 or the next generation.

I urge you to check it out on Amazon as till this moment the discount is still 33% which is high considered for such new headphones and specially for the Beyerdynamic brand, they do not do this a lot, so take the advantage and check it out on Amazon

Finally i hope that this Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro review was informative, please leave your comments and thoughts.