AKG K430 Review

AKG K430 Review – Good Sound Quality for a budget headphone


AKG K430

AKG K430 are one of Akg’s headphones that are not known as the AKG K701 headphones which is in fact one of the best headphones in the market today. Personally i did not know them until one day i saw them in a mall in France and plugged them to my Samsung c6712 mobile, the sound was amazing, balanced with good bass and treble, the leather pads where comfortable,  the K430 isolates the sound from outside (ambient noise) for a certain degree but does not has noise cancelling. Their frequency response from High-performance drivers reproduce low frequencies down to 12 Hz and high frequencies past 28 kHz in stunning detail. The 99.99% oxygen-free cable improves sound quality.

AKG K430

More features for the AKG K430 headphones:

  •  Lightweight, closed-back design features soft ear pads for a comfortable fit that is perfect for everyday use. The close-back design also ambient noise for a more relaxed listening experience.
  • IPhone compatability allows use with an iPhone without the need for an extra adapter.
  • High-performance, ultralinear sound is free of distortion, even at high volume levels, making it perfect for listening to today’s music and movies
  • Unique 3D-Axis folding design allows the K430’s cushioned headbad to collapse along a three dimensional axis to fit easily into the included carrying case.
  • Single sided cable and integrated volume control make the AKG K430 headphones easy and convenient to use.

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 Some people like the AKG K430 headphones, and this is why:

  • The closed cups prevent noise from both leaking outside and coming in.Portability.
  • You can fold them up, pack them away safely in the included zip case.
  • They are my preferred choice for portable listening
  • These diminutive on-ear headphones sound excellent, open airy sound but with good bass-not overdone.
  • They are light and easy to wear for extended periods of time.
  • They don’t exaggerate the sound that’s in the original recording.

Other people do not like AKG K430 headphones because :

  • The clamping force is also quite intense.
  • They are also not super durably made and feel as though they could easily break if not handled easily.
  • If you like dance music, electronica, acoustic, these work well. If you prefer softer, more ambient bass, these are not designed for that.
  • The big disappointment for me is the cheesy volume control that feels more like a toy than a feature.
  • The only complain is the cable. It is thin and the inline volume control always get trapped by coat zip, collars. etc. and brings the volume down by itself, etc. AKG should spend the cost for a better cable rather than having a volume control.

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Checkout some user reviews on AKG K430 headphones

Quality portable headphones : By Newton

First, let me say I got this set for an extreme discount. At their current price listed here, I would not think that they are worth the price. Mostly plasticky, lightweight materials. Compared to my Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones, a studio headphone, these have much weaker build quality, a thin cord similar to those on the cheapest of headphones, and inferior sound quality.

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Surprisingly Good Sound : By  Eclein

I bought these on another site before Christmas on sale for less then $30, I didn’t realize until I saw them on here what a great price I got. The packaging is excellent they come in a nice box and the headphones themselves are smaller than I thought they would be, they looked bigger to me in the pictures.

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I hope this AKG K430 Review was informative and thanks to leave your thought and reviews if possible!